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Oh Brother!, as the name implies, is a 3-piece line up of three brothers playing an eclectic range of music from upbeat bluegrass and melodic ballads to 1930’s vaudeville and folk.  Added to the mix are some original numbers penned by band members.  Whilst being accomplished instrumentalists (guitars, banjo, ukulele-banjo, double bass, harmonicas and mandolin), we are known particularly for our close harmony sibling vocals.  


Since the childhood and teenage years of learning and playing music for family and friends, the ensuing decades have seen each of us perform in contexts ranging from clubs and pubs to music venues and festivals.  Alan and Peter were half of The Bluegrass Brothers which for many years were one of the best known UK Bluegrass acts, having headlined at UK Bluegrass Festivals, supported several internationally known Nashville performers and co-performed with Bridgend Male Voice Choir.


Oh Brother! came about in 2015 as a result of a long late night jam session when we re-discovered the uniqueness of sibling voices in harmony, and the sheer pleasure of making music again as family. 

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